Gel Ball Party Now Available

A safe, mess-free alternative to paintball; fun for all ages!

What is Gel Ball?

We at Entertainment Haus are excited to be adding gel blaster parties to our rentals. Gel Ball is growing very fast all across the world, and for good reason. Gel Ball is similar to paintball or airsoft, but without the mess or bruises. The ammo used for the blasters are small, jelly like balls that are non toxic, don’t stain clothing, and sting a lot less than paintball. They leave virtually no mess as they are 100% bio- degradable and disappear within a few hours. This makes Gel Ball and great option to have at your next birthday party or event!

How Does the Party Rental Work?

We bring all equipment needed to your party location and ‘referee’ the event. The party includes everything needed for 12 players at a time (including full face protection), unlimited ammo, and 10 inflatable bunkers. A referee will be there the whole duration of the event to supervise and keep all blasters fully charged and filled with ammo. No need for you to do any setup or takedown. No cleaning of ammo necessary as it breaks down and disappears within a few hours. Adults and children over 5 years old can participate. Requires at least a 30×30 ft. area to setup a field.

Gel Ball in Action

(Please note this is not our video)