Tell your friends about us and get rewarded.

Refer a friend to Entertainment Haus and we will give both you and your friend 10% off your next rental!
Referrer Rewards: 10% off your next rental

Terms and Conditions

  1. The Entertainment Haus Referral Program is available to all existing customers who have rented from Entertainment Haus.
  2. You must be 18 years or older to be part of the program.
  3. To be eligible for the Entertainment Haus Referral Program:
    • You must be an existing customer referring a contact who is not currently an existing customer with Entertainment Haus.
    • The referred contact should not have been referred to Entertainment Haus at an earlier date by another individual/organization and should not currently be in negotiations with Entertainment Haus about renting a service.
  4. A referral will be deemed successful when a referred contact rents and successfully submits payment for a service with Entertainment Haus within 12 months of being referred.
  5. An individual/organization can only be referred once to receive the associated incentive.
  6. Entertainment Haus reserves the right to change the associated incentive for any referral without prior notice, at any time, for any reason.
  7. Entertainment Haus reserves the right to cancel the Entertainment Haus Referral Program without prior notice in its entirety or for a specific referrer at any time for any reason.
  8. The referral program is not valid and incentives are not applicable for self-referrals.
  9. All questions or disputes regarding eligibility for the Entertainment Haus Referral Program will be resolved by Entertainment Haus in its sole discretion.
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